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Spencer Academies Trust schools are typically over-subscribed, but individual academies may have places available, including for in-year admissions.

Spencer Trust academies observe local authority admissions protocols, with priority given to children from feeder schools and increasingly, from partners within our broader family of schools. Our focus is on opportunity, and where possible, we will seek to accommodate children with special educational needs or additional support requirements.

Above all, we are non-selective. The Spencer Academies Trust is constituted to support aspiration and to provide opportunities for children from all backgrounds, and of mixed ability levels.

To register your interest in a place at Sunnyside Spencer Academy, or for another school with The Spencer Academies Trust group, please fill out the form below. Following receipt of your registration of interest, school staff will be in touch with you and may arrange a visit if this is required.

  • For more information on Admissions, click here.

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